, located at the southern end of the scenic west coast of Canada.

There are two distances: the full course and the short course.

The full course consists of 5 swims and 5 runs totalling approximately 25 kilometres.

The short course consists of 3 swims and 3 runs totalling approximately 13 kilometres.

All swim legs take place in lower and upper Thetis Lakes.

The run courses are on trails throughout the park. There are several challenging climbs, some steep descents, narrow single track and open double track trails. The run courses are well marked with colour coded flags.  There are marshals at key locations throughout the course.

Participants may compete as individuals or as 2 person teams. Teams can be any gender combination.

There are refuelling stations at the main beach and on an island that all swim courses cross.  Participants will pass several these multiple times during the event.

All individuals and teams must be self sufficient while on the course. You must carry all necessary equipment with you at all times and must finish with the equipment that you started with.

The temperature in Victoria at race time can vary but averages in the mid 20s Celsius by mid day. Prepare for a range of weather conditions. There will be a bag check at the start area. Competitors who wish to check clothing/equipment must leave it in a bag clearly marked with your name and race number.

SwimRun Victoria will make all efforts to accommodate adaptive athletes. The run course is not suitable for any form of wheeled conveyance. If you are an adaptive athlete considering entering SwimRun Victoria please contact the race director before entering.

Race Briefing and Race Package Pick up

Race Packages must be picked up between 5 pm and 8 pm on August 14th at the Six Mile Pub.  Come enjoy a complimentary beverage and meet the race organizers and other competitors.

There is a race briefing at RPP at the Six Mile Pub at 6pm.

An awards ceremony will take place at the Six Mile Pub following the event.