2020 Race Briefing

This is your pre race briefing for the 2020 SwimRun Victoria.  It contains important information about the race taking place on August 23.  Please read it carefully.

The 2020 SwimRun Victoria will have a different look and feel to it compared to previous races due to Covid 19.  There will be no group social events before or after the event and no gathering during the event.  We have had to put strict guidelines in place in order to be able to host the event.

If you are not feeling well, stay home.

We will be practicing and enforcing physical distancing during the event. Athletes must practice physical distancing at all times prior to, during, and following the event while at the event venue. There can be no sharing of nutrition or hydration. All athletes are responsible for providing their own hydration and nutrition during the event.

Race Package Pick Up

Race packages can be picked up on race morning at the main beach at Thetis Lake from 60 to 30 minutes prior to the start of your event. Full course packages will be available from 6:30 until 7 am and short course packages from 7 to 7:30 am. Athletes must practice physical distancing when cueing to collect race packages.

Your race package will include your numbered race singlet. This singlet must be worn at all times during the event. It will also contain a swim cap that corresponds to your race category. Your swim cap must also be worn at least for the start and finish of the race.

Aid/Special Needs Table

There will be a table set up near the main beach so that athletes can place items that they may need during the race for their own pick up. Only items that may be depleted during the race, such as extra nutrition or fluids, may be placed here. All other items must be carried with you at all times. Athletes must place their own items on the aid table and only they can pick up these items. Any items left after the race will be disposed of.

Race Start

The full course race starts at 7:30 am. The short course race starts at 8 am. Once athletes pick up their race packages they should proceed to the bag drop tent to deposit their non-race gear and then directly to the start area. The start will be in a grid with spots marked by cones. One athlete per cone. Short course athletes wait until the full course race has started before proceeding to the start area.

During the Race

Once the race has started athletes will spread out fairly quickly. Physical distancing on the swim course is not practical or necessary. If you are going to pass another athlete on the run course please announce your intention to allow the overtaken athlete to move to one side and let you pass. Also be aware and courteous of other park users you may encounter during the event.

If you want to race with someone else who is in your social bubble you may do so but please be considerate other athletes and park users and consider the extra room 2 people take up on the course.

Post Race

Once you have finished the race your should leave the venue as soon as possible. Unfortunately we cannot mingle after the race to congratulate each other and share our experiences. We will post photos and results as soon as possible after the race on the event website and we will mail awards to the winners. (Everyone has received a coupon for food and drink discounts at the Six Mile Pub which is just down the road, just sayin….)

The Course

The course is colour coded. The swim exits and the corresponding run course are marked with the same colours. Swim exit 1 and Run 1 are pink. Swim exit 2 and Run 2 are yellow. Swim exit 3 and Run 3 are green. Swim exit 4 and Run 4 are orange. Swim exit 5 and run 5 are white.

Each swim entry will be marked with a large Human Powered Racing flag.

The swim exits are marked with a 4 foot by 4 foot placard. There will also be a large orange buoy beside each swim exit for sighting purposes.

The run courses are marked with flags on metal stakes. There will be a flag approximately each 100m along the course so if you haven’t seen a flag in a few hundred meters you are probably off course. Turns on the run courses will be marked by placing a flag at the trail intersection and another flag a few meters down the trail that you should take. If a trail is not marked with a flag it is not part of the course so stay on the trail you are on.

The Short Course is the first 3 legs of the Full Course. Both races start and finish at the main beach at Thetis Lake.

Each swim leg crosses an island in the middle of lower Thetis Lake. All five courses cross the same island. There will be a check point on the island and each athlete is required to check in on each swim leg. The marshal at this check point will be able to provide course directions if necessary.

There will be a course marshal at each swim entry and exit. Course marshals will be able to point athletes in the right direction but will not be able to provide detailed course directions. Athletes should familiarize themselves with the race course and at least be able to keep track of which colour they should be following.

Course Safety

There will be paddle boarders and a kayak on the lake during the swims. If you require assistance during a swim wave a hand in the air to signal a swim marshal.

All participants are required to carry a first aid kit while on course. It is up to you what this kit contains but it should be sufficient to deal with any minor medical issues you may experience on course (think cuts, blisters, etc.)

You must also carry a whistle at all times on the course. This is to signal should you need help. Signal using three short blasts. Repeat every minute or so if necessary until help arrives.

If you decide to drop out of the race for any reason you must notify a race marshal ASAP and the finish line officials prior to leaving the venue.