Highlights from SwimRun 2019

We had a splashing time at the SwimRun 2019! Thank you to our committed volunteers, supporters of all ages, and to our incredible athletes! See our photo gallery.

These are some of our favourite moments:

A man smiles widely crossing the finish line with flippers held behind his head like ears.
Three athletes in yellow tank tops smile widely with their arms around each other.
A woman walks smiling over the top of a hill in the forest.
A large group of people in swim and run gear run into a lake.
A man runs over the top of a hill in a forest smiling and wearing wet clothes.
A man runs out of a lake dripping wet and removing his goggles.
A woman raises her arms above her head in celebration in front of an orange inflatable finish line.
A man runs through tall dry grass in a forest making a thumbs up, mouth wide and smiling.
A woman stands smiling waist deep in a lake and flexing her right arm.

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